Life after the Information Age

Throughout human history, different ages of man and society have come and gone.  Even for a brief time or a long time, there have been some kind of invention or idea that changed society in a drastic way.  We seen the Iron Age back in ancient times.  We have seen the Industrial Age when we invented the steam engine.  We have seen the Atomic Age that occurred during the Cold War.  We even seen the Space Age, when we sent men on the Moon.  It is said that we are now in the Information Age, where information is changing our lifestyle.  The invention of computers, telecommunications, and networks are the framework and foundation of the Information Age.  But, are we leaving that age? what age are we entering now?
This blog does a good job in explaining the evidence that we may be leaving the Information Age, as well as speculating on where we are heading to now.
There are theories that we are now entering the Connection Age, or Connected Age.  This blog here does a good job in comparing and contrasting different aspects of Information Age and the Connected Age, as well as, observing where we at now.
The Connection Age refers to the networks we created through the digital world.  We are able to send, share, and find all kinds of information instantaneously.  Its the access to overflowing information and advertisement that we are exposed to that has led us to enter this transition into the Connection Age.
So what does this mean?
This blog explains that very well.

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